Up to 50% off the highest rate depending on the number of people and days of stay. Please contact us.


As a general rule, five nights in extra season, four in the Bearded Vulture, July, August and long weekends and two nights in the rest. In low season it can also be one night.

Note: In bookings for the Bearded Vulture, the minimum stay may be reduced to 3 nights but with a NON-REFUNDABLE rate. Train the QH: during May/June and QH week, for stays of more than 4 days we have special prices.


You can do it by phone or preferably by sending us an email to info@elrincondeandrea.com in some seasons it will be necessary to guarantee the reservation by a down payment of up to 25% of the total amount of the stay or by bank transfer or a charge on the client’s credit card.

Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel or modify a reservation, please notify us preferably by email. You have 14 days to cancel without losing the deposit, except in exceptional cases, such as illness or impracticable roads due to weather conditions. If the cancellation occurs within this 14 day period and under certain conditions, we make exceptions and can, by mutual agreement, modify the dates of stay as long as the new booking dates are not for high/extra season.

Cancellation policy in case the reservation holder or accompanying persons are affected in any way by Covid 19

Whenever the reservation holder is unable to make the contracted trip for any of these reasons, we undertake to refund the full amount of the reservation without any cancellation penalty in the following cases:

* If the holder of the reservation is diagnosed as positive for the COVID19 virus: as long as this is duly accredited by means of an official document issued by a doctor.

* If the reserve holder is placed under house confinement as a result of exposure to COVID19 virus: provided that this is duly certified by an official document issued by a medical practitioner.

* If the holder of the reservation is unable to make the trip booked due to confinement decreed by the competent authorities in the town, province or Autonomous Community of origin, or at the destination. In the case of the place of origin, the habitual residence must be duly accredited.


Likewise, this guarantee will also apply to those persons in the reserve who are affected by any of the above cases in the event that they are a direct first-degree relative of the reserve holder’s habitual and directly dependent cohabiting partner.

We are sorry but WE DO NO ADMIT PETS

El Rincón de Andrea is a SMOKE FREE establishment. SMOKING is PROHIBITED in the apartments/rooms. In case of non-compliance, El Rincón de Andrea reserves the right to issue an invoice of 200 euros for disinfection and extra cleaning of the apartment/room.

We offer you plenty of information so that you can enjoy your holidays to the full. Enter our EXPERIENESS section and you will see everything you can do from El Rincón de Andrea.

It is necessary to inform us of the approximate time of arrival. WE DO NOT HAVE A LIFT.


We present you our CONTINGENCY PLAN so that all those interested in a safe holiday can get to know it. We have carefully prepared our flats and rooms so that you can enjoy your stay in our establishment with total confidence. We are firmly committed to risk management, implementing measures aimed at minimising risk.

El Rincón de Andrea has been accredited with the COVID-19 SAFE HOSPITALITY seal launched by HOSTELERÍA DE ESPAÑA through the Huesca Hotel and Tourism Association, issued by the Huesca Green Tourism Association.

We have attended several courses given by the competent authorities in terms of knowledge and safety, designed this CONTINGENCY PLAN against the coronavirus, which includes an action protocol with measures to ensure the safety of customers and service staff:

-Extending daily cleaning and sanitisation measures throughout the Casa and increasing the supply of protective material and resources.

-Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser at the reception of the house, as well as provision of masks or gloves in case a client has not brought them.

-Professional disinfectant cleaning products with virucides and bactericides authorised by the Ministry of Health. Final disinfection by ozone.

-In accordance with current health regulations, we have applied the following protocols in the different rooms and common areas of our establishment:

Reception and common rooms:

-At the time of reception, only 1 person per flat or room will be attended to, to whom everything necessary for the stay will be explained. However, the client will always have several ways to contact us via telephone, WhatsApp or email.

-The client must pay all the amounts of the cost of the stay within two days of arrival.

IMPORTANT: During check-in, the client is responsible for declaring that the persons under his/her reservation are free of the symptoms presented by COVID-19, and is aware of the consequences that may arise in case of this, and the client and companions must follow at all times and according to the services contracted, the protocols of this contingency plan. In case of non-compliance, the property may invite the client, and the persons accompanying them, to leave the facilities without the right to any refund of the amount paid, as well as, if necessary, the case would be reported to the competent authorities. Likewise, our clients are informed that in the event of presenting these symptoms and having gone to a health centre where they are reported positive for Covid-19 to any of the people staying once the stay at El Rincón de Andrea has begun, all those staying must leave the apartment/room, with a partial refund of the amount paid.

-Reception staff wear masks, screens, gloves and use hand disinfectant gel, the POS and pens are disinfected after each use with contact.

-It is always advisable to maintain the interpersonal safety distance of 2 metres.  From the main entrance to the flat, where the safety distance cannot be guaranteed, the use of a sanitary mask is necessary.

-An increase in the frequency of cleaning and refreshing, especially in the areas of greatest contact (reception desk, doors, light switches, handrails, etc.).

-Daily ventilation of common areas where people have been present.

-Keys are placed after each stay in a container for disinfection.

Cleaning service of apartments/rooms at the end of the client’s stay:

-Cleaning staff wear a mask and nitrile gloves.

-Gloves and masks are changed after the cleaning of each apartment/room.

-Used bed and bath linen do not touch the floor: they go directly into an appropriate bag and are sealed for subsequent laundry treatment at a temperature of >60º. After handling “soiled” textiles, staff should change gloves.

-New bed and bath linen is only put on after the flat has been cleaned and disinfected.

-Blankets and pillows are disinfected and protected with bags and will be provided on request. As with the blankets, extra towels will be provided on request.

Special attention is paid to cleaning and disinfecting all kitchen furniture and utensils, as well as mirrors, windows, handles, sinks, taps, switches, doors, remote controls protected with plastic that is changed after each stay, toilet flush button, hairdryer and all surfaces likely to be used, paying special attention to high contact areas. Evacuation of waste in waste bins, cleaning and disinfection of bins and replacement of double waste bags.

-Ozone machine is used and then the flats are ventilated. All of this is carried out in accordance with the instructions and times recommended by the manufacturer. The cleaning of rooms in safe conditions and specifically contemplating the necessary airing of the room.

Daily room cleaning service:

-Change of mask and gloves after each daily room cleaning.

The elements to take the basic self-service breakfast we offer will be properly bagged.

-The room will only be accessed when the client is absent. Under no circumstances will the client’s personal belongings be touched, so if the bed is occupied with these objects, this will not be done.

-If during the stay the client does not want the daily cleaning to be carried out, we will provide any extra towels, coffee, juices or any product included in the basic breakfast offered at no extra cost.

As a general rule, cleaning tools should be cleaned and disinfected after daily use.

Useful telephone numbers in Biescas and nearest hospitals:

24 hour HEALTH CENTRE Plaza de la Constitución 974 495 570
PHARMACY Town Hall Square 974 485 034
CRUZ ROJA ESPAÑOLA Ctra. de Francia 974 485 116

HOSPITAL DE JACA Calzada de Rapitán s/n 974 355 331

HOSPITAL SAN JORGE HUESCA Avda. Martínez de Velasco 6 974 247 000

By being responsible and respecting the rules together we can achieve a safe stay.   #ThisVirusWeStopItUnited

Privacy policy: At El Rincón de Andrea we process the information you provide us with in order to inform you, provide the requested accommodation service and invoice you for it. The data provided will be kept for as long as the commercial relationship is maintained or for the years necessary to comply with legal obligations. The data will never be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation, in our case the State Security Forces and the Tax Agency. You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether El Rincón de Andrea is processing your personal data and therefore you have the right to access them, rectify inaccurate data or request their deletion when the data are no longer necessary.

Responsible: El Rincón de Andrea – Antonio Maza Escartín NIF: 18162422N Address: c/ Santa Elena 18 bis. Biescas Telephone: 974495411-

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